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Flavour Creations®
"I have recently purchased several of your low carbohydrate Flavour Creations. I must tell you that they are wonderful and very flavorful. Congratulations on a wonderful product."
  - Paula S. Colorado Springs, CO

"I absolutely love Flavour Creations. Because of these little tablets I have gained the reputation of having the best coffee in the entire park."
  - Norma O. Almagordo, NM

"Thank you for making such a wonderful product."
  - Janyce G., Port Orchard, WA

"I like your Flavour Creations so much. What I found most convenient is being able to use them when I am out in restaurants and fast food stops."
  - Susan S., Livonia, MI

"Thanks for Flavour Creations. I really enjoy these products."
  - Linda K., Pensacola, FL

"I like Flavour Creations very much."
  - Bertie T., Roxbury, NY

"This is a great product. I'm enjoying the Hazelnut I got at Giant"
  - June P., Harporsville, NY

"Thank you so much. I bought a supply of this excellent product when I was out West this summer."
  - Patricia W., Troutville, VA

"I made my first purchase of your product Flavour Creations in hazelnut flavoring. Simply delicious."
  - Jo N., Santa Barbara, CA

"Obviously, I love your product."
  - Sharon S., Los Angeles, CA

"These flavors are the best thing to happen to coffee."
  - Margaret L., West Chester, PA
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Necta Sweet®
"I just want you to know how much I appreciate the new improved Necta Sweet tablets."
  - Nita W., Loveland, CO

"Thank you for improving your product by changing the structure of the 1/4 grain tablet of Necta Sweet."
  - Skip T., Middletown, ID

"I have been using Necta Sweet for many years and have been satisfied with its performance."
  - Bev T., (email)

"I got the Necta Sweet tablets and they are great."
  - Carol R., (email)

"I have been using Necta Sweet 1/4 grain saccharin tablets for decades. I congratulate your R & D team for re-shaping the tablets."
  - Terry M.,  Ennis, TX

"I would not give up my Necta Sweet. I think you have a winning product."
  - Jeonie A., San Antonio, TX

"When I bought my last bottle of Necta Sweet, I got a nice surprise - they were shaped differently and I love them!"
  - Anonymous, (email)

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